Stephen and Ayesha Curry fund women’s sports at Davidson

Stephen and Ayesha Curry are teaming up to create a scholarship endowment for women’s athletics at Stephen’s alma mater, Davidson College.Davidson, where Stephen starred, has roughly 26 scholarships to disperse among over 200 female athletes on campus. Curry hopes to spur further giving from other alums and sponsors to continue to make strides for women’s sports through the newly established endowment.Women’s equality, particularly as it relates to athletics, has become a more personal battle for Curry since becoming a father to young daughters (as well as a son). The family’s foundation Eat. Learn. Play. has worked to make strides in that arena, as has Stephen’s Underrated Tour.He said in an Instagram video, “Davidson College is where it all started for me. It no doubt prepared me for leadership and service, and I am forever grateful for the unwavering support from the entire Davidson community.”The reason I am who I am today is also because of strong, powerful women who have poured into my life all these years. Now, as the father of two girls I want them to grow up without any boundaries on their futures.”Curry added, “Reports have shown that Division I athletic departments are spending twice as much on their men’s programs than on their women’s programs. That’s why Ayesha and I have made a gift in support of women’s sports at Davidson College.”